Jamie Leff is a nutritionist and registered dietitian working in the general Los Angeles area, where she has been helping people stay healthy, while enjoying life. Jamie provides in-person and online support for a wide-range of nutrition issues, health management and athletes.

Jamie’s personal diet and nutrition philosophy is neither strict nor depriving. She supports making small, yet permanent, lifestyle choices. “I want people to live happy and healthy lives and not stress every time a wedding or vacation comes up.”

And it’s a philosophy she lives by. Jamie is an avid foodie, who loves to try new foods and restaurants. Her social calendar is often booked with potential ‘pitfalls’—weddings, baby showers, dining out and more—but she remains healthy, happy and in shape.

Jamie is the team dietitian for START Training program, formerly called Train to End Stroke, an endurance training and fundraising program benefitting the American Heart Association.  She has also written several articles on general health and nutrition tips for Balanced Mom Magazine, Healthy Dining in Los Angeles, and various health and wellness newsletters.

Jamie received a master’s in nutrition from California State University, Northridge, and a bachelor’s from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Her specializations include:

  • Sports Nutrition, especially marathoners and other endurance athletes
  • Supplements Evaluations
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (ex: cardiovascular issues, urological disorders, cancer)
  • Pre/Post-Natal Nutrition
  • Weight Management